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Our Home. The only place that is safe in the Zone. But will it be safe forever?
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The Ark.

The Ark is a settlement in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. A wide variety of mutants live in The Ark. There they have formed a community under the guidance of the Elder. They have built machines from the scrap of the old world and what little the ancients left behind intact.

The Ark has been built on top of an ancient bridge, safely perched above the dangers of the Zone, but in recent days the Zone Ghouls seem more and more aggressive and have been drawing closer to The Ark.

The mutants in The Ark need scrap and supplies to survive, and for this they send out the Stalkers. These are the toughest and most resourceful mutants The Ark can muster. They carry strong weapons and dare venture into the Zone to see what they can find and bring back.