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Frequently asked questions for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.[1][2]

Q: Hey guys i have a Question - Having similar play-styles like Xcom 2 and other tactics games how hard was it to make the game play like 3rd person but turn into a tactics game when the fighting starts?

Hi, It took us a bit of experimenting to get the feel right,the biggest challenge was in building maps that supported a grid based tactical system and a free flow real time exploration.

Q: What do you guys think about content releases moving forward after the main campaign is completed by most players?

We are looking at all options but nothing is decided just yet. We cannot say much about this, just let’s say that we will support the game after release. :slight_smile:

Q: Can’t wait to try out the game. How many different mutants are there?

We dont think we can say how many just yet, but we have four confirmed.

Q: Will you be releasing social media avatars and wallpaper packs or have you already? Love all 3 of the main character designs!

You can get wallpaper with the deluxe edition, on STEAM you will be able to unlock emoticons, trading cards and badges. But we are sure we can run up some avatars for other social media.

Q: Would you ever consider a multiplayer option?

We’d love to, but not for this release.

Q: What’s the approximate length of the main campaign? For an average player… :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes the team here about 20 hours, so 15 - 20 + Hours is a good estimate. We have been watching the speedrunner’s videos and have been tweaking things to make him cry… On the hardest difficulty. :smiley:

Q: Will there be a sandbox mode added to the game? for setting up challenge/skirmish’s with the AI

Not for release, but it might be a possibility in the future.

Q: On the Steam page it says controller support. Does this include Steam controllers and/or other 3rd party controllers outside of the Xbox remote?

There isn’t specific support for Steam controllers, we use a generic driver that should work with all commonly used PC ‘pad’ type controllers.

Q: How long is this game?

15-20+ hours on mid difficulty. New game + is not a part of the initial release, however we shall be supporting the game after release, as to what that will entail, we cannot specify right now.

Q: How much music is there in game, & who made it?(hoping for a Xcom inspired synth score

Our composer 'Robert (Mozart) made the score, and he went heavy on the synth! So you won’t be disappointed. Our game is based upon an franchise that was released in the 80’s originally so there’s a bit of that influence in the score, plus other atmospheric tracks. :smiley:

Q: I see alot of animal Puns on Twitter lol was it the devs who encouraged that or did it just happen naturally?

We don’t run the twitter feed, so it wasn’t us! I guess the odd nature of our games makes this stuff occur rather naturally!

Q: Will you have mod support and if/when multi-player comes, support for building your own maps and story’s?

Not in the release, maybe one day. :slight_smile:

Q: How will the endgame look like? Closed, when you completed the game, it done. Or open like other ARPGs?

You can revisit maps after clearing the game.

Q: Animal mutants are great. But hoping more human mutants too… and maybe some pure strain humans reminiscent of Gamma World.

No comment! :smiley:

Q: Is there ever gonna be a character editor for your own character to play?

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record. Not in the initial release, its a tricky subject as we are very character heavy with our story and dialogue and that might not work well with generic player generated characters. Although we might consider this in the future.

Q: How many bushmags are hidden around the woods and will you be adding more after release?

We do not look in the woods for such material, it can be found easily in your internet cache.

Q: ill there be add ons if the game does well? I really hope so.

Fingers crossed! We’d love to explore new themes and ideas within the rich Mutant Year Zero universe! :slight_smile:

Q: Once you beat the game can you start over on a harder difficulty level with the new characters you pick up along the way on your first run?

You cannot carry-over characters to a second run.

Q: Is there a reason the Deluxe Edition is only available for PC or is it available for the console and I just missed it? I already preordered for XBOX.

This is because we are unfortunately unable to deliver the digital goods like the RPG book to consoles. We do apologize for this!

Q: Are there more hidden characters along the way other than what we’ve seen?


Q: Is there permadeath in it?

Absolutely, but only if you want it!

Q: Will you support the game in a long run? Like patch and fix? Or maybe dlc?

We will be supporting the game after release- for sure! DLC is not something we can confirm at this point. :slight_smile:

Q: Is the game linear in exploration and story? Are you forced a particular direction? Is there any replay value? How much gameplay is there?

You follow a story for the main part of the game, however there are places to explore off the beaten path. You will get a good tough challenge on the harder difficulties.