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What do you view as the main focus of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden?
Do you consider it to be mainly a stealth game or mainly an XCOM-like Turn Based Tactical game?

The main focus was the tactical game, but we wanted to add a better flow to the pre fight setup. I noticed myself when playing a lot of tactical games that you tend to spend the first few turns just trying to move around very slowly so we wanted to improve that aspect. From that the stealth organically grew to be a major part of the game play during development.

How do you think a player should approach the game in order to be successful?

This game is a bit old school in the aspect that it requires some pre planning and trying out different things to win, I would recommend players slow down, scope out the encounter you are facing and make a plan :)

What made you pick the location of Gothenburg, Sweden as the setting?

Gothenburg was picked as a good part of the dev team come from around that area.

The game is getting pretty good reviews across the board right now. If it sells well and gets a decent following, could future expansions be a possibility?

Never say never :)

Have you watched any streamers or youtubers playing the game? If so, what does it feel like watching someone else play a game you made and seeing how they react to everything as they are discovering it for the first time?

Watching other people play can be very nervous, and you just want tothem advice. The best bit is people commenting on the subtle details in the game world which we was not even sure people would notice :)

What would you say were your biggest inspirations for this game?

When I was younger I used to play a lot of old RPGs on my Playstation / Saturn, and I loved them to bits, so Im a little disappointed that you dont really get them anymore (not with great turn based combat anyway). With Mutant I wanted to hit the same kind of notes that those older classic titles managed while bringing some in some more modern game design. A classic style adventure game with challenging turn based combat.

The main theme of the game comes from Mutant Year Zero (or even earlier the original 'Mutant' role-playing game that was popular in Sweden since the mid 80's.) Most of the team are from Sweden themselves and had played the game whilst growing up, it was a huge influence on them in general and we had always wanted to make a tactical game. so we combined the two, adventure and tactical.

How did you come up with the main characters and mutation we see now? Were they inspired by anything or more evolved from discussions?

We wanted to make characters that could be from the Mutant Year Zero universe but also make them quirky and interesting for the players. There is actually a long tradition in Swedish role-playing games of having a 'Duck' class. That's partly why we have Dux as a nod to that.

I’m just wondering if there are any future DLC or Expansion plans?

we cannot talk about any future plans right now.

Is there any chance there'll be a Christmas outfits available for the Stalkers to wear?

We were thinking about that, but there's some patch fixes that need to be done first, which I would think were a bit more important to the players. Although I love the idea of a Santa hat on Bormin and an elf hat for Dux. Dammit, there's not many 'costume-based' holidays in the new year. How about an egg for Dux and Bunny ears on Bormin?

Can you go back to previous locations on the map to salvage more scrap or weapons if not is there any plans to add an enemy and resource respawn to the map?

You can revisit areas to kill enemies you haven't defeated and also to go and find loot/scrap/items you might have missed. We are talking about what we release to you guys next in terms of content or features, so a new game + might well be on the cards. But not 100% as of today.

I love the game and just started my 2nd campaign but have you seen this thread? Other users like me see that the Xbox X is suttering a lot during the game. It is a bit distracting so I was wondering if you were going to patch it?

yeah we have seen this. It is being looked into by the porting company (High Voltage) right now and will be patched as soon as possible.

What was the hardest difficulty the game got to in development and how was that lowered for the version out now?

We got a bit higher than very hard at one point, but it was a bit much for even us with hundreds of hours play time so we took it down a touch, but only a touch mind you :)

The biggest change was adding the health regeneration on the lower difficulty and adding more med kits in the game world in Normal and Hard. Another thing was pulling down the range that none silent weapons would alert enemy's so on the bigger maps you had a better chance of not alerting every enemy.

My question: Are there any plans to bring over the visual enhancements that are on the Ps4 Pro version of the game to the Xbox One X?

This could potentially happen, right now I don't have any news regarding updated Xbox One X improvements.

I feel like the economy system could be improved. Weapon parts are critical and well balanced, but I don't seem to have anything interesting to buy with scrap (currently at lvl 30). Also it is kind of weird not being able to sell unwanted equipement (if you except dismantling weapons). Is it a common feedback and something that is looked at ?

The not been able to sell equipment was something we realized people might want too last. For most of the development the shop was balanced very tight so your equipment was rare and hard to get hold out. Towards the end we added more drops into the game world to improve the exploration but it unbalanced the shop a bit. We used to have big discussions about if the shop should only be for consumables and everything else you get in the zone, but we landed somewhere in the middle. In some future patches I will look into the shop balance.

Are there any DLCs plan in the future?

DLC is not something we can talk about right now, but watch this space!

Who thought of the characters?

Our art team designed the characters. We really wanted heroes that weren't just another nameless generic military guy. Something the voice actors really appreciated also, we gave them a good character visually and vocally.

Will there be more for the game? Some DLC or something?

We cannot confirm (or deny) DLC at this point, please watch this space. :)

Is there a chance that there will be an Artbook of the Game?

There is a beautiful artbook for the deluxe version, also a great soundtrack and the MYZ RPG book and some other stuff. I think you can upgrade your version somehow, I will let Funcom chip in, I don't deal with the selling part ;)

Will there be a demo available?

AFAIK there's no plans to make a demo, we did have a demo (beta) that pre-order customers could play before we released. However I don't know what plans the Funcom guys have for that, I guess it depends on how much its wanted by the players. :)